New day, new adventure

Soon I’ll be heading out on an all new adventure, leaving my life as an electrician behind, and starting my new life as a student of engineering at AAU Esbjerg.

I’m looking so much forward for these new challenges to come, and I can’t wait.

New adventures for me, new adventures for my personal site.
My old site was becoming a mess, with to much different clutter and no real single purpose.
So I have decided to move out of that site, and create a new one. The old one is still out there at (nostalgic ceases me from deleting it.)

But from now on everything will be happening from within here.

My plan is to move on in a bit more tech-savvy approach.
Bolting together my new experiences as a engineering student, my passions of web development
, home automation and scripting all kind of languages.

Oh and yeah, it will be in english from now on, in an attempt to polish of my rusty grammar.

So I hope you’ll enjoy it all, and find something useful!

– Esben

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