Read data from KeySight 34450A Digital Multimeter

My group just finished off an experiment in which we had to read data from the log of a KeySight 34450A Digital Multimeter.

I tried to read the data using different approaches. The KeySight bundle did not work with the instruments on AAU Esbjerg because apparently they are bought without a license.

I found out that you can connect the instrument to Matlab, and read the data this way. Unfortunately I didn’t get all of the data using this method, so I found another way.

First you have to download and install this piece of software.

Next you start the newly installed “Keysight connection Expert 2019

KeySight Connection Expert 2019 Overview
As you can see in this example my instrument are no longer connected, therefore it is marked with a red X

In here you’ll find a tab on the left side, showing new and former connected instruments. If you have one instrument connected it should have a green mark on it.

Click the instrument and then in the right tab click “Interactive IO“.


A new windows opens where there is a textfield for writing commands. In this field you write the command: “DATA:DATA? NVMEM” and click “Send and read“.

The instrument will now write out all data saved in the log, you can now copy this into a file or program of your choice. Personally I saved the data into a .csv file, since the data the instrument spits out are already comma-seperated for each log-input.

Matlab handles these files pretty well, but this will be a post for another time.


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